Thursday, January 21, 2016

My Story

I have struggled all my life with my weight, I know like many others you had tried many diets and they simple did not work, all these fad diets that you assume would be worth a try just fall to the waist side. I am telling you its a matter of how you direct your motivation, no one needs phantom diets or trickery. I am going to explain a few things that I hope will educate everyone. Like I said I had been through all of it and as you know its disheartening. I truly believe we are led by these corporations to fail. We are students that soak up knowledge like a sponge. That being said we have to overcome emotional dieting. Our moods are key to why we allow us to fail, we need immediate gratification. As far as what that is for me is that I always seem to eat because I was depressed about my life, I got comfort in masking myself with food, I have been overweight my whole life and I finally had gotten a handle on it after 42 years. I was at the point about 2 years ago where I really did not care, I did not think anything was wrong cause I did not care about me or how big I got. At a staggering 380 pounds I was given an option either lose weight or live my life on insulin, diabetic pills and possibly worse. My story is like many others some people continue to eat cause they don't see a way out and some choose to do something about it. Why? I feel we do not know how to embrace the truth. We struggle with the idea of sacrifice, we sacrifice long term happiness for immediate happiness with eating. We have to reverse that, we need to realize there is options and we can be happy not for just that moment that only lasts as long as our binge but for all our lives. I am still on my journey and lost 150 pounds but it is a lifetime journey. Keep in mind, life motivates you, if you want it just reach out and take it, its not magic its real and its there for you.